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News The itinerary "Pompeii for All" is designed for people with motor disabilities

Thanks to an over 3.5-km-long itinerary, from the access point of Piazza Anfiteatro to the Sanctuary of Venus, along the main streets of the ancient city, all visitors can now access the most significant buildings and domus. The itinerary allows everybody – mobility-impaired people, parents with buggies, but also all the visitors that prefer a more comfortable visit experience – to visit the archaeological area to the fullest extent and as easily as possible.

The itinerary, designed within the framework of the Great Pompeii Project, meets the demands often pressed by a large group of visitors of the site: easier access to the archaeological area of Pompeii, in order to allow everybody to enjoy this unique world heritage to its fullest extent, without restricting the visit only to the areas closer to the access points.

Visitors with mobility difficulties will be able to follow from Piazza Anfiteatro, the facilitated path “Pompeii for all” with return to the exit to Piazza Anfiteatro or possibly taking advantage of the exit of Piazza Esedran using the lift of the Antiquarium, calling coordination in advance (+ 39 0818575400) to reduce waiting times.

Visitor Information:

In certain critical parts of the site, mobility-impaired people and wheelchair users may encounter difficulties in moving independently, due to the nature of the archaeological area.

It should be noted that along the “Pompeii for All” itineraries:

• The incline of certain ramps and slopes may at times exceed 8%
• There are small but sudden changes in height, typically less than 5cm
• There are stretches of ancient and uneven paving
• Along the pavements and crossings there are no wheel stoppers
• Only in some stretches it is possible for two wheelchairs to pass at the same time

The access point to the “Pompeii for All” routes is Piazza Anfiteatro.


There are three Facilities in three locations of the ancient city. If you are visiting the site and your baby gets hungry, or if you need to change a nappy, the Baby-Point and Changing Facilities offer you comfort and privacy.

What you need to do:

– Collect the keys at the site entrance
– Go to the nearest Baby-Point and Changing Facility: Via dell’Abbondanza, Via di Nola, or at the corner of Via Stabiana and Via della Fortuna
– Return the keys at the end of your visit 

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