The House of the Faun is a rich Roman house, which dates back to the second century B.C.
It was buried during the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD and rediscovered during the archaeological excavations of the ancient Pompeii.
This is one of the largest houses in the city with an extension of nearly 3000 square meters. It occupies almost all of the Insula 12 of Regio VI.
It owes its name to a bronze statue, depicting a satyr, found in the impluvium, now exhibited at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, together with the famous mosaic of the Battle of Issus between Alexander the Great and Darius III.

Michael and Angelika, 25 April

After getting off an extremely busy Circumvesuvio train from Naples ( next time we would wait for a train which does not stop at every stop), we...

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