Attracting 2 million tourists per year, Pompeii is one of the most important archeological sites  in Italy, if not the world.

Skip the long lines on this small group 2 hours tour ,and  with your ticket in your hands discover the remains  of the Roman city like  a VIP . See ancient ruins , destroyed by the eruption of the Vesuvius in 79 AD, leaving the city buried  under mountain of volcanish ash .

Your guide will take you to see houses and everyday items that were still almost intact when the city was unearthed . Experience this everyday Roman town , almost like it was under the Roman Empire.

See places where the Romans had their fun , and held banquets ,and discover frescoes frozen in time  and poignant casts of citizens and their pets.


All Inclusive! The price includes the cost of the ticket for the excavations and the guide.

Newcastle upon Tyne, 5 December

After getting off an extremely busy Circumvesuvio train from Naples ( next time we would wait for a train which does not stop at every stop), we...

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