The Forum of Pompeii was built around the fourth century BC, during the Samnite era: it was a small open area around which shops were placed.
After the conquest of Pompeii by the Romans, the Forum was completely rebuilt and enlarged: around the perimeter of the square the main political and religious buildings were erected.
Major restoration works took place during the Augustan period, between the end of the first century BC and the beginning of the first century: the flooring got replaced, the porch was built and also a temple dedicated to the Emperor was erected.. The area was excavated only in the early nineteenth century, at the behest of Caroline Bonaparte.
Walking through the large square you can relive for a moment the daily life of a citizen of the time.

Newcastle upon Tyne, 5 December

After getting off an extremely busy Circumvesuvio train from Naples ( next time we would wait for a train which does not stop at every stop), we...

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